Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Might Be Launched Worldwide In 2020

Galaxy Fold 2
Fold 2
It's no secret that Samsung is already working on a Galaxy Fold sequel, and it also makes perfect sense for the phone to arrive as early as next year. Although Samsung failed the end-user test with the initial launch of the Galaxy Fold, the redesigned model sells like hotcakes.

Unfortunately, Samsung will not be releasing the Galaxy Fold worldwide, and even selected countries will get it in limited quantities. The foldable smartphone sold out in South Korea and Samsung is expected to bring a second batch of units to its home turf.

Meanwhile, early adopters in the United States will be able to purchase the Samsung Galaxy Fold from September 27. AT&T, Best Buy and Samsung Store will be your main go-to places if you want to acquire such an expensive device.

If the hefty $1,980 price is too much for you or you don't get to order one due to the limited stock, you can wait until next year, as Samsung plans to launch a cheaper version of the Galaxy Fold, which will be available worldwide, SamMobile reports.

The upcoming Galaxy Fold 2 is said to pack only 256GB storage, as opposed to 512GB, which would slightly reduce its price. We don't know if Samsung plans to cut other features or downgrade some hardware to lower the price more, but the report mentions the phone will be released worldwide, including in markets like North America, China, and South Korea.

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