Looting Of Shops In Valhalla Park Could Continue - Bishop Lavis CPF

The Bishop Lavis community policing forum said it was concerned that the looting of shops in Valhalla Park would continue.
Earlier this week a supermarket run by a foreign national was looted.
More than 100 residents stormed the store, stole a range of items and electronics from the supermarket.
In a video on social media, people were seen running away from the store with whole lambs, food products and a freezer.
Chairperson Graham Lindhorst condemned the behaviour of the residents.
It’s not xenophobia, it’s pure criminality. We condemn whatever happened there. There’s no way it can be acceptable for people just to go into a shop of someone who has worked very hard and someone just takes it over.
Lindhorst said that he had informed police management about the recent incident.
We’re disappointed in that community because that shop has been there for many years, and it has served that community for many years for them to destroy it in one day. Our concern now is, and I’ve spoken to the brigadier, that that can be the start of a bigger that we can go into that area because we know what Valhalla Park is like.
Police were still investigating the matter and no arrests have been made.
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